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Single ropes are more suitable for use in places where there is no danger of the rope being cut by falling stone. They are
suitable for all climbing adventures outdoor and indoor. Ourlowest diameter single rope is the TENDON Master 9.2 mm,
and at the upper limit, is the TENDON Trust with a diameter of 11.4 mm. With the increasing diameter, the rope strength
and the number of falls increase as well; unfortunately this also holds true for the weight. Therefore, you should
select an optimum ratio between the thickness of the rope and its weight. The selection is also related to the climber's
experience and character of the "work" on the rock. An experienced climber prefers thin ropes with a low weight
while a beginning or inexperienced climber selects a thicker rope with higher safety parameters. In establishing new
routes, there is a higher probability of falls and in this case a thicker rope is more suitable. For long climbs taking several
days, you should select a compromise between the diameter and weight of the ropes. However, all this depends on the
climber's experience. For top belaying (top rope) climbing we recommend you to use ropes designed for this purpose
– indoor ropes, e.g. TENDON 10.4 indoor or TENDON 10.4 hard rope with higher abrasion resistance. The correct rope
selection at the outset will help extend its life